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We also have three parts of the Super Mario World, two parts of the Super Mario Star, Mario Race, and much more.

If you do not know which game to choose, we recommend that you play Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, and a very hilarious toy Mario kart.

Together with Mario, Sega and Dendygame consoles appeared on the gaming market. It would seem a monotonous plot of the game Super Mario, where the main character performs the same actions: looking for secrets and different objects, but the game does not bother. On our site you can play Super Mario online for free.

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Super Mario Bros popular games

Mario is the mascot of Nintendo, one of the most popular games for consoles Dandy and Sega. But everyone knows him, first of all, as the most popular hero of computer games. Of course, over time, Mario was used in other games, gave new functions, changed clothes. The advent of online flash games, gave the second chance to retro game Super Mario to become popular. In this format, Mario managed to succeed, games with his participation and in all languages ​​of the World became more than 100.

The author of the birth of the hero of the game Mario (Mario), was a famous Japanese artist, Shigeru Miyamoto. He painted Mario as we know it now, especially for the Nintendo computer game console. Games with Mario have since been actively developed. At the moment there are more than 200 of them. The staircase of Mario's popularity begins when this hero appeared on the screens with a secondary role in the PC game called Donkey Kong. And although the role of Mario was not great, his further promotion brought the developers more money than if Mario remained a secondary hero.

The fact that in the game world of Mario everywhere pipes, due to the fact that he initially thought of an Italian strong-plumber. In his world, the mushroom kingdom, Mario prevents King Bowser from seizing power in the mushroom kingdom, while not forgetting to save Princess Perisk. We all know what Mario looks like-a good-hearted fellow with a potato nose, a red shirt, and blue pants on straps. And, of course, the invariable letter M on the headdress.

In our section of free flash games, you can find eternal satellites Mario: Sonic and the Bug Turtle.