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Mario Kart Online

The goal: go through all levels, solve all the secrets, collect all the coins

How to play: control keyboard arrows;


Mario Kart - With Mario, you can not only run through various areas of his vast world, but also ride a fast car. In addition, instead of Mario himself, you can choose any other character in this game, 8 pieces! You can ride with a breeze in the company of a beautiful princess or a fire-breathing tooth-dragon, a cheerful yellow snail or beloved brother Mario-Luigi.

On each track you have to compete with three other riders. Your hero to the finish line should arrive first, then the level will count as passed. During the trip for each stage, do not forget to collect such important gold coins, as well as other bonuses that can come across. In the game there is a store specifically for the riders, in which you can buy the goods you need just for those same gold coins. Among them is

Your car will go to the right when you press D, to the left when you press A. The W key allows you to jump or start a flight if you hold it.

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