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Mario Forever Flash

The goal: go through all levels, unravel all secrets, collect all the coins
How to play: control keyboard arrows;


A game about the journey of a man named Mario is offered to your attention.The protagonist, who is only one here, will have to go through many levels that have their own unique atmosphere.The graphics and interface of the toys will certainly remind some players of their youth, when the plumber Mario and his brother Luigi existed on television game consoles such as Dendy, but now this world looks much better and more beautiful, and the colors here are bright and rich.

You might not know this, but Mario is a great jumper. With his jumps, he can kill creatures that pose a real danger to him. For example, moving mushrooms with eyes. Just jump on top of it - and the mushroom will be crushed and disappear, leaving behind a few points that are so needed by Mario. Also, with the help of his jumps, Mario can jump on the blocks suspended in the air, where you can collect some quantity of gold coins.

The fascinating game about Mario is very easy to manage. You only need arrow keys to move the hero and a button with the letter "Z", which causes it to bounce.

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