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Mario 3

The goal: go through all levels, collect all the items and find all the secrets
How to play: keyboard arrows, jump - space;


Super Mario Bros 3 - New adventures with your beloved Mario!

After you press the "Play" button while the game is loading, you will enter the level selection menu that you want to go through. If you are in this toy for the first time, then it is better to start with the first one. So history will appear before you from the very beginning. But, of course, everything depends on your preferences and desires, and you can enter absolutely on any of the levels.

Again on the agenda of collecting coins, which come across in the way of Mario very, very often. Each collected coin adds Mario points, and also replenishes his own coin counter, which can be seen in the right corner. You can also earn points by killing all kinds of animals that come in the way. And Mario can grow in size. To do this, you need to eat a special mushroom, which sometimes appears when you break a head of some brickwork.

Control: button A - jump, button S - run, with the help of a space you can put the game on pause. The arrow buttons help to move in different directions.

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