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Super Mario Bros Crossover

The goal: go through all the levels of the Mario world, unravel all the secrets, collect all the coins

How to play: control keyboard arrows, Z - jump and confirm the choice of character;


Mario is heading for a dangerous journey through his big world, full of mysteries and adventures.However, except Mario himself, you can choose any of the six characters presented here for the game, these are the heroes of other equally famous toys that for example, on Dendy.Each of the characters has its own characteristics, as well as the choice of not a Mario, but another hero, the music that accompanies the game changes to a musical theme from the game in which the chosen character was. Nostalgia is straight!

Having chosen the hero you like, immediately start your journey. You have to kill turtles, walking mushrooms and any other unusual living creatures that meet on the way. Also do not forget to collect coins to increase the number of points and look for secret passages, hidden, for example, inside the pipes.

The keyboard responds to the movements of the characters. Use the arrows to point the characters in different directions, the Z button will cause them to jump or confirm actions in the menu. Start attacking the enemies with the button A with those characters who can perform this action (for example, Bill from Contra).

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