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Super Mario Rampage

The goal: go through all levels, solve all the secrets, collect all the coins

How to play: control the arrows of the keyboard - set the angle of the gun, shoot - space;


Most often, Mario plays the role of a rather humane character, who simply stuns all the enemies with his jumps. In the same game, you will discover the true face of Mario. Today he took out his gun, which had been gathering dust for a long time and waited, when, at last, it will be used. And this time has come.

Mario is rapidly advancing under your sensitive leadership in the various territories of his endless world. Towards him hurry dragons, turtles, caterpillars and other no less dangerous to him creatures. With ease throwing up his beloved gun, Mario straightens himself with everyone who comes across his path. And do not forget about the collection of gold money.

You need to hold Mario as far as possible, killing as many enemies as possible and collecting as many coins as possible. If Mario dies, then before you can start afresh, you will be shown your progress.

Using the arrows to the right and left, you can slow or accelerate Mario's movements, the up and down buttons change the position of the gun. In order to fire, press the spacebar.

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