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New Super Mario Run game

The goal: go through all levels, collect all the items and find all the secrets;
How to play: Control: arrow keys, jump - space;


New Super Mario Run Run - Going on another journey through the still unknown corners of his world, Mario often does not know what awaits him in a particular location, for example, in this game he needs to collect the big stars that are on each level. -where these items are very easy to get, but somewhere you have to sweat and find some pieces that will help you get to the star. So you have to look around carefully.

As always, Mario should not forget that he collects gold coins, which on each level come across in quite large quantities. Also in the locations there are various special blocks, in which all sorts of game bonuses are hidden. One of the bonuses may be a green and white mushroom, which grants Mario extra life.

The buttons on which the arrows are shown control the movements of Mario, and with the help of a space he can jump.

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