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Super Mario World game

The goal: go through all levels, solve all the secrets, collect all the coins
How to play: control keyboard arrows;


Super Mario World game - On completely new levels, you will be accompanied by a man named Mario, dressed in a funny red cap, red sweatshirt and blue pants. He always loved to travel, so any uncharted routes attract his curious attention.

Moving around the new territories, Mario is going to look for gold coins, beat records to score points, save his land from evil animals and just explore the territories his foot has not yet stepped on.

It is worth noting that some of the places in this game are mysterious, but they will be helped by special plates installed right in the ground and periodically encountered on the levels. In a difficult moment they will tell you what and how to do in this place. For example, you will see coins climbing into the sky, but you can not get to them. But next door is a mysterious button. A nearby tablet will tell you that when you press this button, something will appear. And indeed, it's worth Mario jump on the button, as there will be blocks on which you can jump to the coins.

To move Mario, use the left and right arrow buttons. Jump it will be when you press the up arrow.

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