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Old Mario game online

The goal: go through all levels, solve all the secrets, collect all the coins

How to play: control keyboard arrows;


Old Mario - Another bright and full of adventures, the journey of Mario, who returned to on from the epoch of the prefixes of Sega and Dendy .All the activities of this man were and still are collecting gold coins, climbing the pipe, eating mushrooms and jumping animals that constantly they interfere with him under their feet.

A year later, nothing has changed with Mario, all these favorite activities are still with him throughout the long game. Why is it long? And all because there are a lot of levels here. So you jump up and bite the mushrooms in plenty. By the way, Mario mushrooms eat for a reason. They give him strength, charge with energy and increase it in size, which gives him undoubted additional advantages over the cunning beasts. Again, this is an extra, let's say, bulletproof vest in those cases, if any beast bites Mario, because it allows you to save life in such situations.

If you want to play this game, then use the keyboard. There are only three buttons, and Mario is at your disposal. Press the "A" button and it will jump, and when you press the "left" and "right" buttons it will go to the appropriate side.

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