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First Mario Game

The goal: go through all levels, unravel all secrets, collect all the coins
How to play: control keyboard arrows, A - pull a turnip and throw a turnip;


First Mario Game - We offer you a wonderful and exciting toy about the adventures of members of the super-mafia group, who are distant relatives of Mario himself. You can play here for one of the three characters, to your attention the brave Giuseppe, the brutal Bruno and the charming Maria.

The chosen character finds himself in a fairy-tale world, where numerous turnips grow and strange red creatures roam, ladybugs and other various creatures. These creatures can bite the hero and kill, so in this case it's better to get ahead of them. To do this, you need to tear out the turnip from the ground and throw it into the creature. Among the plants planted in the ground, bombs can explode, which explode quickly, but are necessary to create passageways in some walls.

The hero has to overcome waterfalls, Rise high above the ground on the bean stems, and even fight with the revived turnips that will run after him. Such adventures like, no doubt, many!

Left and right arrows are responsible for the hero's movements in the appropriate side. To jump, press the up arrow, the down arrow will cause the hero to sit down. If you hold the "down" three seconds, the character will start to glow, and if you jump at that moment, you will get a very high jump. Using the "A" key, you can tear plants from the ground and throw them into the necessary targets.

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