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Newer Super Mario Bros

The goal: go through all levels, collect all the items and find all the secrets
How to play: control keyboard arrows;


Newer Super Mario Bros - Mario is on a green, spacious glade at the beginning of this game, where wooden doors are found everywhere, but except for the very first, they are all closed, this door leads to the first level that must be passed.

Passing through the door, Mario finds himself in a sunny world where he will have to perform several tasks, so that the level will turn into a passed one. Here he will need to collect all the yellow coins, as well as large suns with rays. The number of these bright celestial bodies is displayed in the center at the top of the screen. If you collect them all, the door will open, which will allow Mario to leave the passed stage and again to appear on a glade with many doors. Only now there will be a new open door, which will be the entrance to the next stage. Therefore, remember that you must necessarily pass the previous level to be on the next.

Often in a toy in order to get some sun, you have to think a little and use the buttons that sometimes come across on the levels. They open special fences.

For a successful game, jump by pressing the Z key and move with the arrow buttons.

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