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Mario Original

The goal: go through all the levels of the Mario world, unravel all the secrets, collect all the coins
How to play: control keyboard arrows;


Mario Original - In this toy, in order to navigate between the levels available for passage, you will need to move Mario along a two-dimensional map that marks all the steps.

Going to the first level available to you, you will find yourself in a pretty cheerful area, which is one of the many parts of the mysterious world of Mario. For the time allocated for the successful completion of the level, which can be observed at the top of the game screen. The hero will need to collect the coins that come across in different places of the stages, and the sun. Sometimes, in order to get some coins, just to jump or approach them is not enough. But in such places there are special colored cubes that, when struck by their head, grow and become very large. After that, you can jump on top of this cube, which will easily reach out to hard-to-reach money.

And do not forget about evil animals, who at any moment are ready to reduce the number of your lives. There are even special evil dinosaurs, you can get rid of them only if you jump on them twice.

Mario moves in different directions when you press the arrow keys of the keyboard. When you press "Z" he jumps.

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