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Super Mario Bros 1

The goal: pass all levels by defeating the enemy.
How to play: the keys on the keyboard, and the mouse;


Super Mario Bros 1 - In the company of a man named Mario, the player finds himself in a fairytale world full of wonders and fairy tales.In such a wonderful company you are waiting for unforgettable adventures in various locations of this extraordinary universe.On the background of a blue sky with cute white clouds, colorful birds, both singly and in packs.

Follow the direction of the arrows along the road. You are expected to meet with various enemies. Some of them can not even be killed. To pass them, they will have to jump over. You can run into a huge flying head made of stone, from which you have to hide in some hole. Or to cross the river, from which dangerous toothy fish constantly jump out, so it will be necessary to go very, very carefully.

Along the way, do not forget to collect coins. Over time, you can not follow, because its countdown is not conducted. But you can always see how many enemies you killed on the road. And it is better to protect your lives, although initially they are given in the amount of 30 pieces.

To control you need only three buttons: a space for jumps, and arrows left and right for movement.

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