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Super Mario 2

The goal: go through all levels, collect all the items and find all the secrets
How to play: keyboard arrows, to start the game, wait until the 'Play' button appears;;


Super Mario 2 - Today, the brave Mario goes to find another treasure in the world, which meets him with endless sands and barkhans, the local color very much resembles a hot and deserted desert, but the sun does not bother with its scorching rays, and living creatures often meet , But for Mario it's more of an enemy than a friend, so if possible, it's better to kill them or just jump over them, otherwise your life scale, which is located at the top of the screen and consists of three squares, will decrease.

The main task here is to collect gold coins, which Mario would like to see in himself in huge quantities. However, not all coins are visible in this world from the first time. There are special mysterious balls here, when activated, hidden and invisible objects are displayed for a certain short time, for example, coins. Also here there are special buttons, which after pressing cause special beams, on which you can get into some necessary place. But they are visible only a few seconds, and if you do not have time to overcome the whole road with an invisible road, you will have to go all the way from the activation of the button.

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