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Super Mario 4

The goal: go through all levels, solve all the secrets, collect all the coins
How to play: control keyboard arrows, jump - A;


Super Mario 4 - another Super Mario adventure full of secrets and mysteries.But before the player goes on the road, so unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous, in the main menu you can set for yourself the buttons with which you will control the trek Mario: By default, the following keyboard keys are used for control: using the "A" button your Mario will jump, and using the arrows you will set the person to move to the desired direction.Also in the game menu, the user can choose the image quality.

But back to the game itself. Choosing from a large list of the required level, you step on the thorny pathway leading to victory and great glory. By the way, if you already played here and have passed some levels, selecting the appropriate section in the menu, you can continue the game from the level at which you stopped. Your goal is to save your own life from the embittered beasts on the road, and collect a huge collection of gold coins.

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