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Super Mario One

The goal: go through all levels, collect all the items and find all the secrets
How to play: Control: Arrow keys. To start the game, click 'Play';


Super Mario One - Before you, a beautiful three-dimensional toy about the adventures of a fun plumbing named Mario. Today, his world looks refreshed and unusually beautiful, thanks to modern computer technologies. Look carefully at all these rich colors and bright colors, as well as the smoothness of movements the main character. All this is delicious.

Everything here is made according to the classic scenario of the games about Mario. The hero runs around in various nice locations, collects coins, which are located everywhere. Part of the coins are invisible, however, when you click on a special sphere, they are found and available for collection. Some coins hang in the air and it seems that they can not be reached. But in fact under them are hidden cubes, on which you can jump. Also, the hero tries not to come into contact with poisonous and dangerous animals and plants, or simply kills them when necessary. The amount of Mario's life energy is shown in green at the top right. Left there you can see the number of collected coins, because it is often interesting how much money the collection of the protagonist has replenished.

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